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PENTAHIRE WASH is a brand which is now going to change the thinking of people about car cleaning. PENTAHIRE WASH is an eco-friendly car wash & car servicing company that provides all the car care solution at home, based in Lucknow we operate in multiple cities through our partner network of 281 service stations in arround 16 cities in India. Our company started working in 2017 by a team of experts with more then 10 years of Professional Car Washing & Car servicing Experience. We now Operate all LOCATIONS ACROSS LUCKNOW. Our goal is to provide our customers with convenient Car Washing & Car servicing Experience blended with the expertised equipments and BEST-IN-CLASS TECHNOLOGY. As we promote CLEAN & GREEN LUCKNOW, we use the most modern and up-to-date water reclaimation modules as a part of our car wash & Car Servicing systems. Our products are all biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is a unique & Conceptual method of car cleaning & car service in Lucknow where your cars are pampered by the latest types of equipment including Organic Soaps, effective & shine PENTAHIRE product line, spray injection, Foaming machines, the world’s very best Castrol Engine Oil and so on. Our highly skilled professionals are trained for your car’s care, We have the best team for your car’s INTERIOR & EXTERIOR WASH as well as Car Servicing in Lucknow.

Some of Our


  • We offer PROFESSIONAL CAR WASH and Car Servicing in Lucknow at a most AFFORDABLE PRICES
  • All locations throughout Lucknow are being served within 1 hour of your Call
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly Products and Techniques, with world’s best Castrol oil as our Partner
  • 100% Satisfaction or service is Free I may bet that you haven’t Heard it before us.
  • Professionally Trained and skilled crew members who know how to take care of your beloved cars.
  • No more waiting in long Queue for Car servicing or Washing.. We are just a Hour away

Exterior Hand Wash

PENTAHIRE Car Wash is offering a wide range of washing services to the car owners including the top wash to entire internal detailing or whether a paint protection treatment...

Interior Detailing

As a PENTAHIRE Service Point (SSP), we pledge to provide high quality automotive maintenance services at a fair price using only the best available parts and labor for the job...

Exterior + Interior

PENTAHIRE Car Wash primary motive to serve our customers with professional car detailing service with internationally approved standards to deliver impeccable quality...

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